The mission of Jacob’s Ladder is to promote the kingdom of God and recruit souls of men and women of all walks of life into this glorious Kingdom. With this truth established, our primary objectives are saving souls, the preservation of the saved soul, and the consecration of the new man in Christ.

Our tools to reach these objectives are:
  • Repentance from a sinful life;
  • Water baptism in the name of Jesus;
  • The baptism of the Holy Ghost;
  • Educating the lost with the Word; and
  • Referral resources for those that have special needs.
We invite you to become
a ministry partner by helping us to achieve our goal of reaching souls.

Should the Lord move on your heart to support our efforts, we welcome your contributions and praise God for your generosity.
With this goal in view, the Lord has approved the expansion of Jacob's Ladder to provide sufficient seating for the current ministry and those to come. This requires our unified effort towards the upbuilding of a $3 million project to bring the below edifice to fruition.
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